Invited Lectures

Plenary speakers

Anraku M, MD, PhD

Dept. of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

The University of Tokyo Hospital

Current status and challenges of long-term respiratory support using artificial membrane lungs as a bridge to lung transplantation
Cornelissen JJLM, PhD 

MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology

University of Twente

Protein Cages as New Tools for Nanomedicine
Goepferich A, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

University of Regensburg
Strategies for Enhancing the Target Specificity and Affinity of Nanomaterials
Kataoka K, PhD

Innovative Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)

Self-assembled supramolecular nanosystems for smart diagnosis and targeted therapy of intractable diseases
Reis RL, PhD

3B´s Research Group, Dept. of Polymer Engineering

University of Minho  
New approaches based on natural origin biomaterials and stem cells for the engineering of different tissues
Stayton PS, PhD

Department of Bioengineering

University of Washington

Molecular Engineering of Drugamer Therapeutics
Sun W, PhD

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Drexel University

Biomaterials for Bioprinting
Ueng WN, MD

Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital



Invited speakers

Chung RJ, PhD National Taipei University of Technology
Multifunctional Nanoparticle for Caner Theranostics and Drug Delivery
Hasirci V, PhD Middle East Technical University Engineering the cell microenvironment for improved implants
Katayama Y, PhD  Kyushu University Catalyzed Reporter Penetration: A Novel Method for Signal Amplification in Flow Cytometry
Kuo SW, PhD  National Sun Yat-Sen University Self-assembly and secondary structures of polypeptide-based polymers
Lipke EA, PhD Auburn University Biomimetic Materials Support of Cell Stem Differentiation for Cardiovascular Regeneration
Liu YL, PhD National Tsing Hua University Molecular and surface engineering for materials preparation and potential bio-related applications 
Thermogelling polymers – Towards Biomedical Applications
Nakano T, PhD Osaka University Analysis and control of anisotropic bone matrix based on materials scientific approach
Nam YS, PhD  KAIST    Immunologically Cloaked Bacteriophage for In vivo Anti-bacterial Therapy
Noh I, PhD Seoul National Univ of Sci & Tech Graft-polymerized hyaluronic acid based hydrogel for 3D printing tissue engineering
Qian Z, PhD Sichuan University  
Wang LF, PhD Kaohsiung Medical University Chondroitin sulfate-modified polymers for drug delivery systems
Yeh C-S, PhD  National Cheng Kung University 
Nano-formulation designed in nanomedicine: malignant tumor, vasodilation, and wound healing
Zheng YF, PhD Kumamoto University  Fundamentals of the theory of biodegradable metals
Zhong Z, PhD Soochow University Disulfide-Crosslinked Nanomedicines: A  Multifunctional Yet Simple Platform for Targeted Cancer Therapy